The Interim Turnarounder

Jörg Bürkle

My role in the turnaround process can be summarized as: helping owners, management, supervisory boards and investors to chart their course into the future. I have found it especially rewarding to work on behalf of prominent enterprises and market leaders whose executive management has come under special public scrutiny in connection with various crises. This area is where dialogue and clear decisions relating to internal and public roles of the executive management and the CRO are helpful. This integrative approach is a core element of my work and role.

The many years I spent as a crisis manager at Siemens have shaped my professional development and the approach I take as an interim manager today. This approach emphasizes quick stabilization, simultaneous development of a future vision in consultation with all important stakeholders and active communication with all relevant committees.

After all, a successful turnaround in my view is not the result of heroic acts of a few, but of the collective vision and efforts of many stakeholders.


  • 8 years as an independent interim turnarounder in various industries internationally
  • 25 years of leadership experience with global business responsibility
  • CRO with executive responsibility – also in combination CFO/COO/CEO
  • Large family businesses as well as listed companies
  • Crisis Supervisory Board in subsidiaries and joint ventures
  • Restructuring of global participations, integration and separation of business units
  • Negotiating partner for reconciliation of interests, social plan and transfer of business
  • Close cooperation with turnaround consultants in the development of the restructuring concept
  • University Certificate »Certified International Turnaround Professional, CITuP«, Institut für grenzüberschreitende Restrukturierung, FH Kufstein (Austria)